Alvogen Relax™ 

Be the Eye of the Storm

Anxiety is painful. It affects everyone at some point - it‘s a wild world after all. It can be triggered by many things in modern life such as a lack of sleep or, excessive work pressures or the demanding nature of a busy family life.

But there‘s no reason to sit around and wait for anxiety to strike.

Luckily there are some really useful and natural solutions out there that have been around for hundreds of years.

Quick points on Alvogen Relax:

  • Helps with anxiety, nervousness and insomnia
  • 3 powerful herbs in 1 capsule
  • Ingredients used for hundreds of years


Alvogen Relax is a natural product which offers a unique and synergic combination of 3 herbs in one capsule; valerian, passionflower and hawthorn, providing powerful relaxing and soothing effects.


Alvogen Relax contains:


Valerian has been used since the period of ancient Greece or earlier, has traditionally been popular for treating insomnia and was written about by Hippocrates and Galen, two grandfathers of modern medicine.




Discovered in Peru by Spanish explorers, passionflower has been known as an anxiety reducer for hundreds of years. They believed the flowers of the plant symbolized Christ‘s passion and indicated his approval for their exploration.


Hawthorn has been widely used traditionally and is now of interest to scientists owing to its effect of lowering heart rate.  Hawthorn is native to Northern Europe, blooms in May and is also known as “mayflower”.