Staying healthy in a stressful world 

Life in the 21st century is hectic and stressful. The incessant beeping, relentless pressures from work and family responsibilities are sometimes too much for anyone.

Everyone knows how draining stress can be, but it‘s also important to realize that stress can lead directly to other health problems.




Anxiety does not have to be a chronical or diagnosed condition. In fact, most people encounter anxiety at some point in their lives. The key is to deal with it properly when it rears its head and not let it take control of your life.

2Mild depression

Sometimes we just feel sad. It happens to all of us and it‘s normal. But it certainly isn‘t good and we should make sure our sour feelings don‘t turn to the worse. There are many ways of dealing with mild depression. Some people choose to exercise, others seek professional help, and then there‘s the possibility of looking at what nature has to offer.

3Sleep disorders

A lack of sleep is one of the sneakiest things. If we go to sleep a little late for a few days in a row we‘re suddenly not the person we used to be. We get cranky and upset at nothing, totally annoyed at things we know deep down shouldn‘t matter at all.

It‘s your body clock speaking - it‘s time for bed and you cannot hide from it. Sometimes sleep disorders can get out of hand and then it‘s important to check and see whether something can be done to correct the body clock.  



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